Susan Davies Creations


“Dream • Play • Create” Is the brand Susan has chosen to define her creative process as an artist. Approaching every day with an open mind and an open heart, Susan gains inspiration from her sleeping and waking dreams and embraces their capacity to connect the physical and metaphysical realms. She believes that the process of creating art connects her with a larger energy and it is through her participation as a conduit for that energy that her art achieves authenticity. During the creative process, Susan is focused on cultivating a sense of play; playing with materials, throwing around new ideas, and engaging in lighthearted conversations with other creative thinkers.

My current work is focused on meditation, acceptance and gratitude. I have embraced the ensō, also known as a Zen circle to communicate the meditative process of focusing on one moment in time, accepting it and showing gratitude to the energy of that single moment.

Open Studio Hours: