Thank you for your interest in leasing at the Northrup King Building. All available leasing opportunities are listed on this page below. Please respond directly to studio shares, display & exhibition spaces, and photography studio opportunities through the artist contact information provided in the posting. For all other inquiries, please contact us through the form below.

Please note: We cannot guarantee a response to any space inquiry unrelated to the below listings. At this time, the Northrup King Building does not keep or track any waiting list.

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Display Space

Ärtactīle Gallery is interested in modern and contemporary artists seeking display space on the first floor of the Northrup King Building in Northeast Minneapolis.

The studio charges a flat monthly rental rate. We are open to the public Tuesday - Saturday in addition to NKB events including Art-A-Whirl® and Art Attack.

If you would like your work to be considered for display, please send a brief artist statement and images of your work or website link to Rollie Reis-Mather at

Display Space

Follow the Muse Gallery is interested in artists seeking display space, with both wall and floor space available.  The gallery is located on the first floor of the Northrup King Building located in Northeast Minneapolis.

The studio takes no commission from the sale of artwork and instead charges a monthly rental, with six month leases running January-June or July-December.  Art-A-Whirl or Art Attack are included with the lease for NEMAA members.

We show textural, primarily non-representational art, and are currently accepting applications for exhibiting artists in 2020.

If you would like your work to be considered for display, please send a brief artist statement and images of your work to

Studio 317 - Shared Space

Work/Exhibition Space Studio 317

Shared work/display space for rent available June 1st. Studio 317 is located on the 3rd floor of the Northrup King Building near the 3rd floor gallery. It has 1500 sq. feet to be shared by 3-4 artists. The studio has 10ft high ceilings, concrete floors, exposed brick, air conditioning and a shared lounge area. The studio is located near the Van Buren Street entrance. All artists have a set of keys, can come and go as they please and are welcome to hold private gatherings as well as participate in all open studio events.

Please Email Christina with an Artist Statement and photos of your work.

Christina Hankins

Display Space

Studio: 184/Dock 5
Susan Fryer Voigt Studio & Gallery

Dock 5 has display space available for artists.  We are open on Saturdays, First Thursdays, Art A Whirl, Art Attack and for NKB special events. In addition, Dock 5 is open during workshops and classes which are held Mon, Tue, and Wed every other week and most Saturdays.

Dock 5. the Susan Fryer Voigt Studio/Gallery, can be entered directly from the parking lot or from the interior hallway (Studio184 midway between the passenger elevator and the main building entrance), making for easy and convenient customer access.  In addition to location, location, location, Dock 5 also conducts workshops and classes in its classroom space, sells art supplies, frames and framing service, cards, prints, and original paintings.

The front room gallery is shared display space.  Many of the display panels (either 4x8 or 5x8) are visible from the parking lot and the dock.  Each displaying artist will have front window space for one painting and contact information, and, space on the wall in the hallway for a large banner depicting their work.  Longer-term displaying artists will have the ability to be on the Northrup King Website and Directory for even more exposure.

Bill and I look forward to working with you. Please call for an appointment to come and see the studio and display panels to apply if interested.

Please call Susan at 651-353-5045 or email:

Exhibition Space

Lovely studio space in a great location, right by the elevator!  It gets great traffic during events! The studio is for exhibiting not working in. Price dependent on space. (2D or 3D artists welcome) You will have specific display space and the rest of the space is shared. You may hold private gatherings and come and go as needed. Join a group of 4 friendly artists.

Please email Michele with photos of your art and an artist statement.

Michele Combs, Artist