Strey Designs

Strey Designs offers quality handbags manufactured by Minneapolis designer and artist, Sarah Butala. Each bag is created with the intention and purpose to provide a product that has been produced under fair wages and with a minimal carbon footprint. We believe manufacturing in the USA provides jobs, stimulates our local economy, and reduces the exploitation of sweatshop workers overseas. Our hands are busy and our heart is full.

Strey Designer, Sarah Butala is a Minnesotan designer and entrepreneur who earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota. Her career in art has been a long and multifaceted journey. While Butala now focuses on leatherwork, she has drawn inspiration from her past training in painting, drawing, woodworking, textiles and sculpture. She worked as a puppeteer, art teacher, muralist and set designer before embarking on her new passion in fashion and leatherwork. She lives with her husband and daughter and their cuddly pets in Bloomington, Minnesota near the majestic woods along the Minnesota River.