Rita Dungey

At the heart of Rita's work is a need to explore and discover. Freedom to create with unlimited possibilities and the bonus element of discovery fuel her creative process and reflect a liberating personal journey of freedom, intuition, and optimism. Her non-representational painting and abstract mixed media are a combination of bold forms, colors, and textures that are expressively combined to created lush, free, and energetic images.

She starts a painting with complete openness and trust in the natural unfolding process of each piece. She paints with acrylic paints, but also uses a variety of materials and methods to build up images, creating texture and energizing the forms and surfaces by layering paint, incising, sanding, and sometimes re-building, as images are drawn out and materialized. The stirring, churning, and flow bring seemingly unrelated components to cross paths, interact, and organize resulting in works that are infused with joy, spontaneity, and positive life force.