Rachel Girard


Rachel Girard is a native of MN and grew up in a small town near the Canadian border where the love of creating began. She spent most of her time with her grandmother who taught her traditional crafts of sewing, needlepoint, crocheting and cloth doll making. From there, being fully entertained as a child and quelled by the need to create, a lifelong passion sparked.

Fascinated by history and delving into other cultures in her formative years, she sought traditional doll making and toy craft from Asia and Europe. The beauty and charm expressed in their craftsmanship intrigued her. At that pivotal point, a young career in doll-making began, thus, figurative classes soon followed up with an education in classic arts at the Academy of art U in San Francisco.

This series of dolls created are fully jointed and their figures are altered and elongated for drama, the lips and eyes remain subtle for a sculptural effect. They are meant to compel the viewer to overcome the fragile composition to touch, play and pose. Her creations embody deep emotion and reflection through her own personal processing within the expression of her dolls that reveal the quality of craftsmanship through the allure of fabled youth.

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