Michele Combs

(763) 442-0290

“As I paint my sense of place intensifies and time disappears. I love pursuing the beauty that surrounds us and the pleasure my efforts bring to others.  One of the greatest joys I've experienced as an artist is when my story intersects with another’s and we find connection.”

              - Michele Combs

Michele is a contemporary impressionist oil painter. Drawn to natures beauty she paints landscapes, animals, and people enjoying a special moment or simply going about their every day life. She loves color, thick paint, and the way light plays on objects. Michele's visual language is about beauty and joy. The celebration of special scenes, moments, memories, and experiences. She is inspired by everyday scenes, colorful clothes on a line, farmers’ market, a cascading waterfall, blooming gardens, the sun setting over a majestic landscape, animals, and travel. Picking up a paint brush compels her to connect emotionally with a subject. Where is the light coming from? Where are the shadows and what is hiding in them?  In every painting, she leaves a bit of herself.

Each one of her canvases is an invitation to join her in a caption moment in time. Michele loves being able to create, connect, teach, and share with others what she finds beautiful in the world.

Michele's education was in Occupational Therapy. Her art education was through the MN River School of Fine Art, then workshops with national recognized talented artists.

Michele’s paintings can be found in private and corporate collections.

Open Studio Hours:

By appointment.