Mercedes Austin Art


Born & raised in Minneapolis, I’m an artist, industrial designer & entrepreneur.

Specific to my work with Mercedes Austin Art, I use upcycled tiles from Mercury Mosaics to create one-of-a-kind mosaics informed by shapes, pattern-exploration and color pairings that I vibe with. Each piece is made at a time of flow, where I tap into moments of joy and let the process take me where it wants to go. It’s in these moments I discover compositions that fill me up. The industrial designer in me works to translate some my pieces into everyday objects to make my work accessible, with the intention that you may share in the joy of the creative process.

At this stage in my life, I’ve realized that by prioritizing creativity as a practice, if even for a few hours a week, it has been the common thread to remaining connected to that magical childlike part of myself.

I hope my work sparks a little joy in your life.

Open Studio Hours:

By Appointment