Mary Meuwissen

(612) 747-2587

I am intrigued with the idea of taking traditional visual elements and reducing them to their most simple form and shape. My inspiration comes from all that is around me. I paint to create a story that resonates with me.Using cold wax as a medium with my oil paints, I am able to develop a unique surface by applying layers of paint, adding bold textural elements and digging back into those layers to explore the history that lies underneath the surface. The addition of cold wax ( a mixture of beeswax, resins and solvents), the finished product has a rich satin luster that captures and reflects light.

Starting each painting with a time of ‘play’, I add as much to the surface as I possibly can. Freedom and spontaneity create little surprises along the way - which then inform and guide me through the editing process and into the final finish of the painting. When the composition, textural elements and a ‘good feeling’ of the work come together, the story is complete.

Open Studio Hours:

Open all events and various times during the week. Please see website for additional hours.