Mary Ann Morgan

(651) 261-2028

Mary Ann Morgan specializes in acrylic and watercolor
paintings and fused glass. She has spent years finding her own
unique style combining bold color, texture and imagination.
Mary Ann studied art at South Dakota State University and
graduated from California State University Los Angeles. She has
also studied with nationally acclaimed artists and participated
in a number of artistic organizations including the Minnesota
Artist Association where she is a past president. Her work has
been featured in many exhibits and juried competitions, winning
awards at both national and statewide shows. In addition, her
work has appeared in several media publications. Mary Ann's
career has included partnerships with galleries in the Midwest.
Both private collectors and commercial businesses are drawn to
Mary Ann's original art with clients stretching across the
country from San Francisco Bay to New York City.

Open Studio Hours:

Saturdays, Noon - 4:00 pm or contact to schedule appointment