Marc Clements

Following my Muse has taken me on a circuitous path through many different materials and mediums. I principally consider myself to be a painter although for the last decade I have been working in stone and have now moved on to wood. I don't utilize three dimensional materials as a sculptor would: I tend to leave the base shape of the materials untouched and use surface applications of color and texture more like a painter affects canvass.

Regardless of the medium, throughout my body of work runs a consistent theme of mythology and imagination.
Whether it is stones with Celtic patterns or Crop Circles, paintings from the Small Death Series or the Tree of Life, the Bone Pieces or the Wishbird Skulls, Krampus and the Perchten, or my current fascination with the Totem Pole Watchers, mythology plays the central role in my work.

My goal is to show you something you have not seen before and perhaps skew your outlook on the world ever so slightly.