Lynnea Schwieters

170 (Dock 3)
(651) 762-7570

The graceful texture and fluency of porcelain provides the basis of my studio work. My forms are inspired by natural object and traditional architecture. Damask textiles and floral designs of the 18th and 19th century strongly influence my imagery along with antique metal. When producing a vessel, I consider its characteristics and try to harmonize the form with my surface decorations. The embellished surfaces I create by incising, carving, stamping and clay slip application, allow glazes to pool in the textures--which accentuate the depth of my forms. These designs draw attention to the surface of my vessels flowing movement. My intention is to give the viewer a sense of warmth and comfort. I currently use a glaze palette that ranges from soft blues, greens and neutrals contrasted with strong earth tones. I find this interrelationship enhances the applied decoration.