Linda Clayton

My paintings begin with a charcoal or oil pastel sketch, and then finished with layers of either oil or acrylic paint.
They can best be described as contemporary Impressionism. All are done on canvas.

I am most interested in incorporating color, energy and texture into my work. Usually, I choose the emotion
or energy I want to convey in a painting before I choose the subject matter. The subject matter is often related
to strength within a person or within horses which are directly related to my upbringing. I grew up in a small
farming community and we had horses since before I was born. I strive to convey the strength we each possess,
but sometimes forget, as a reminder that we can overcome any struggles on our journey in this life.

The purpose of my work is very simple. I hope that when looking at my paintings, viewers can find strength and
inspiration for every day life.

My artwork is unique, quirky and thought provoking.