Joseph Ewest Fine Art


Earning a BFA from Minneapolis College of Art and Design, I majored in design but used up all of my electives in painting…my true passion. Before graduating, I married my best friend and we had our first of two wonderful daughters. With a new family to support, I decided it best to follow the professional design path and a regular paycheck. I have learned more about the business side of design than I ever imagined.

Now, from a perspective of many life-enriching experiences, I have found a balance that affords me space to pursue my art. I always knew that I would return to a rhythm in life that included painting and I have a much deeper vocabulary of expression to spill out onto the canvas. I am ever seeking, asking, and trying to reach something or portray feelings and ideas that I don’t fully understand. Painting regularly now in the studio provides me the opportunity toward unfiltered creative expression of my unique point of view.

Open Studio Hours: