Gwen Partin

Gwen Partin's work references textile designs and construction, while being made on or of paper. She enjoys working with a set structure such as a grid, matrix or type of mark and then exploring ways to apply the structure as a puzzle to be solved. Her most current work explores implying textile textures, creating the illusion of woven threads, while working with paper and ink.

Partin works in various media and methods including drawing, painting, printmaking, cut paper, bookmaking and mixed media. In printmaking she works in the monotype method using rollers and brushes to apply oil based ink to a plastic plate, and then the ink is transferred to paper under heavy pressure in an etching press. In her most recent prints she makes hand cut paper stencils and prints in a technique called pochoir. The stencils become part of the finished work in collaged combinations.

For years, Gwen has maintained a daily drawing practice she calls My Daily Papers, which now amounts to thousands of small works. This practice has enriched her repertoire of ideas and materials that she then takes to produce larger work in painting or printmaking.

Open Studio Hours:

By appointment.