Excelsior Candle Co


I have been creating unique gifts and crafts for over 10 years, starting with jewelry and culminating with the Excelsior Candle Co. in 2016. Initially, I made special candles with customized scents for family and friends. Then I decided to sell a few on the side to continue funding my hobby. And from there, I listened to the call to become a maker.

Over time, my collection grew to include items like gemstone candles and Palo Santo sticks. Having Blackfoot ancestry, cleansing and connecting to our natural world is a sacred part of my daily life that I am happy to share with you.

The candles are environmentally friendly, and my Bottomless Candle Exchange Program is a sustainable way to shop. Everything, from hand pouring the wax to applying the labels to packing and shipping, is done right in Minnesota. It is a process that takes time and patience. And I love doing it.

Open Studio Hours:

Open by appointment