Emily Donovan

(651) 895-2987

Emily Donovan is a mixed-media artist who creates color for her work using pigments found in plant and animal materials. She is a Minnesota native and graduate of the University of Minnesota in Visual Art and Art History.  Her art processes include dying paper by hand and drawing and painting with wax and other resists.  Emily describes her work as “observations of and connections to nature and the special places where we live” and finds the process of creating  colors inspirational on many levels.  These colors may begin by growing natural materials, foraging or finding other sources.    Often each process has interesting histories or traditions shared by cultures worldwide. This authenticity is important to Emily as well as the rich traditions of creating natural color.  Locally, Emily finds an amazing network of natural dyers who share experiences and knowledge.  This enriches her craft and brings artists together.  Emily is a Minnesota State Arts Board grant awardee in 2015, 2019 and 2021.  She studies  natural dyes and pigments worldwide, including residencies in Cusco, Peru and Salzburg, Austria.

Open Studio Hours:

Open First Thursdays and by Appointment