Duane Ditty

(612) 590-0912

Duane's new paintings - executed in a rapid and anxious fashion – are a departure from his previous more stark and urban works. This new work has a more fluid sense of open space and light. Duane is no longer building up the paintings over days of subtle refinement; they are now rapidly reworked each day until he finds them compelling. His paintings are large scale and contemplative in nature. Duane sees painting as a very physical act and he works on a human scale in large canvasses. His paintings are a direct example of the artists' process and contain within them the record of their realization and implementation. The non-specific structural space of these paintings distances them from the noise of the outside world and allows for a contemplative respite from the loud clutter of commercial signification. The works invite the viewer to relate on an intuitive and spontaneous level; without irony or jest they manifest a gravity and beauty often absent in our daily visual lives.

Open Studio Hours:

By appointment.