Dominique Winders

Dominique Winders - Giant's Jewelry

Giant's Jewelry is an on-going body of sculpture which includes sculptural wall pieces, mobiles and ornaments and captures the whimsical side of post-apocalyptic adornment created by tribal societies in a dystopian, Mad Max-esque world. Larger than life medallions, pendants and headdresses are embellished with nostalgic relics, vines of wire and semi-precious stones combined with discarded, found objects in various stages of disintegration and decay. Represented in these pieces is the scope of human existence - struggle, sustenance, tension, opposition, hope, endurance, memory and the tenuous balance between mankind and nature.

In her detailed painting and collage work, Dominique explores collective dreams and memory. Maintaining her commitment to exploring a world that is both fantastical and mundane, she creates surreal possibilities with her use of color and attention to intricacies. Her work is allegorical, symbolic, playful and profound with a hint of steampunk, a dash of "boheme" and a lot of character.

Dominique Winders is a local artist residing in South Minneapolis and is a member of Tres Leches Art, a co-operative gallery located in the Northrup King Bldg in NE Minneapolis. She offers frequent workshops on-site and is also able to create custom, personalized pieces for patrons with their keepsakes. More of her work can be seen on her Facebook Artists Page Dominique – Giant's Jewelry @giantsjewelry and dom.wind on Instagram.