Coreen Johnson Fine Art


Originally from Ireland, I grew up and received my school and college education in South Africa.  An opportunity to participate in an exchange program through the University of Minnesota brought me over to the USA where I met and married my husband.

I think it is the vast variety and contrasts of our natural and manmade habitat that most interest me and influence how I approach my work. The softer natural forms of prairie grasslands, rivers and lakes.  Juxtaposed with the sharp geometric lines and hard surfaces of our cities. The effect that the colour and intensity of light have upon the landscape.  The muted tones of a snowy’ overcast day and the bright, intense colours of yachts sailing on a lake on a summer morning.

Recently, my interest has focused more toward the urban environs.  Exploring the effects that time, culture, light, climate have on our man-made structures and surfaces.

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