Carla Cohen Studio


Carla Cohen’s work speaks a language of bold forms and textures based on structures of high contrast graphic shapes. Her process is very improvisational, responding to the materials at hand and intuitively bringing order and structure to the varied elements. Through multilayered mixed media, she explores the connections of shape and line, pattern, and color. Often incorporating transparent layers of hand printed papers, she curates an experience for the viewer to explore what lies beneath the surface and thereby exposing the mystery and narrative of her work.

A self-taught artist, Cohen has a long history of creative entrepreneurial pursuits as a jewelry designer, art director, food blogger, and stylist.  Responding to the materials or ingredients in each of these creative endeavors is much the same as constructing a painting, layering the elements until she achieves a rich, deep history. The results are a rhythmic, satisfying order to what might seem like very unexpected combinations.

Open Studio Hours: