Brian Billadeau

My whole life, I've been surrounded by and deeply involved in the arts. I'm a fine, graphic and commercial visual artist and photographer — traditional and experimental with multiple disciplines and mediums. I'm also a maker, woodworker and stained glass artist.

One of my projects on display at my NKB studio, is a series called “Lens Painted – my camera is my brush and everything becomes paint.” Simply explained, I create paintings with practiced motions like a brush by using scenes, objects and textures as paint with various exposure techniques. They're printed to canvas and hand-painted with acrylics for added texture, also adding artist papers and other materials to turn them into unique mixed-media works of art. As an artist working in several mediums, I love to blend, mix and push mediums. With this series, I've blurred the line between photography and painting, using no Photoshop or other digital manipulations, truly in-camera paintings with basic adjustments to color and exposure.

With a 30+ year career in arts and advertising, I've bridged both the traditional and digital worlds. While I'm professionally satisfied as a senior art director/designer in advertising, the fine arts are what I'm most passionate about. My work has received numerous recognitions, local and national awards, exhibited and published widely.

Please come visit and see my studio partners Cynthia Fleury's, John A Olson's and my latest works, at our Lens Prose Gallery Studio #435 in the Northrup King Building. We are open most Saturdays noon-4pm, First Thursday Nights of each month, during Art-A-Whirl® weekend, Art Attack weekend and many other special events, plus by appointment.