Aprilierre Jewelry

Hi, I’m April, the creative visionary behind Aprilierre Jewelry((pronounced April-e-air). Much like the meaning behind my name April you’ll see the theme of “Re-Birth” and aspects of nature frequent my designs. I recycle my metals to bring new life by melting and forging them into new works with rich organic textures. I choose to hand-forge most aspects of my designs using thousands of years old techniques, exploring how fire and the force of a hammer can shape metal into something beautiful to wear.   My creative process often involves an element of chance, letting go of preconceived ideas to allow the metal to find its voice. Among the beautiful disarray of my work bench, I discover concepts of design that result in bold, one-of-a-kind statement pieces. I create delicate and chic jewelry with a daring dash that will fit effortlessly with your style.

Open Studio Hours:

Fri-Sat 12-5pm & by appt.