Anjee Mai Creations


"I remember when I was eleven years old the power to imagine my way into other worlds was abruptly leaving me and I did not like it. I tried so hard to hold on to that wonderful ability to turn inanimate objects into my grand adventuring partners. I used to go boating across the living room sea in my cardboard ship under the storming stucco sky and over to the island where my teddy crew and I would visit the Great Wise Mop Head. The "mop head" was a repurposed sculpture my parents had sitting in front of the fireplace. It was a gallon jug turned upside down and painted as a face, handle for a nose, and it had a big stringy head of dyed mop hair. I wasn't allowed to touch the sculpture but it didn't stop my imagination from finding a way to play with it! Everywhere I went I was enchanted by the smiling faces of Artworks I saw, couches became industrial buildings, and nooks and crannies appeared as caves or elaborate mansions upon the hilltop. I really grieved the loss of all my secret worlds and the creatures that inhabited them.

Sometimes I honestly feel as if the creations I sculpt are coming to me from the secret lands of childhood. That there is a literal bridge somewhere between those imaginary worlds and my hands and the sculptures are building themselves. They are making themselves known to us here on the "other" side and inviting us to come back, at least once in a while, and play."

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