Al Porter

(651) 207-6200

My work is a lot about connecting, touching, and growing. About play and discovery. It's about what might be.

My paintings would generally be considered abstract (as opposed to representational), but usually there is a dimensional subject or scene that I'm wanting to explore and bring forth. I prefer abstract because the viewer gets to discover what is going on and what it means; that makes it much more personal …and the story can evolve over time.

I have been painting for decades. I am also versed in photography and printing; both commercial and fine art. I've also worked extensively with wood, metal, glass, and casting. This site is primarily about my painting and studio practices including some tips for artists doing their own photography. I also do professional photography for artists; for jury slides, grant applications, and files for reproduction (giclée or print). To learn more about that go to:

I received a bachelor's degree in Graphic Communications (Design and Print) from Cal Poly in 1984. I have formal training in painting and drawing and among others, spent a year studying painting in California with Michael Loffredo (former student of Elemer Bischoff).

My studio is in The NorthEast Arts District of Minneapolis.

Open Studio Hours: