AJ Wrobel

Introducing here:  Wolk Art

Wolk Art style was created by AJ Wrobel in 2020 as a contemporary art platform that connects with the struggles of today. Wolk Art introduces a modern method of frame and canvas construction creating new ways to approach painting volume, mass and space. Characteristic to Wolk Art is exposure and transparency.No longer is there concealment of framework, fasteners and canvas, instead being left evident and open for interaction.Exposure to the vulnerability of canvas and the stress it must endure for the painting.

Wolk Art’s use of raw canvas and transparent gesso presents a secondary surface plane for application of medium.Color applied to the back side of prepared canvas reveals in an atmospheric “silky” or “cloudy” appearance to the viewer as the eye mixes this color with the semitransparent canvas threads.An avant-garde means of expression, providing new ways to explore deeper narratives while requiring the viewer to consider more.

“Wolk” Dutch word:A visible mass of matter in any medium, resembling an atmospheric cloud. (Nod to Willem de Kooning) A demonstration of exposure and transparency to inspire others.An acknowledgement of just how fragile we are. (This new style is patent pending - contact me to become a Wolk Artist or for license information)

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