The "Complete Portrait" Sculpture Intensive, presented by Gabrielle Trom

Studio Pintura is excited to offer the "Complete Portrait" Sculpture Intensive, presented by Gabrielle Trom.

For experienced sculptors, beginners, and any Portrait Painters wishing to have an in-depth understanding of the facial features, form and relationships in the anatomy of the head, while learning to sculpt in Earth Clay.

Gabrielle Trom is an instructor at the Barcelona Academy of Art and currently an artist member at Studio Pintura.

Goals of the course:

1. Understanding the Features of the Face.

2. A look at Anatomy

3. Building the Profile

4. Sculpting in an Additive Method in EARTH CLAY

5. Explore Design and Texture in SculptureHow we will accomplish this:

How we will accomplish this:

1. Discover our preconceptions about the features of the face.

2. Construct quick cast copies of facial features to introduce the key concepts of measuring in sculpture, the additive method, and the planes of the features.

3. Draw a  study of the profile to understand the proportions and angles that allow us to recognize the model.

4. While putting clay bases on the armatures, we will cover the point of truth, studio etiquette, and what it means to work from life.

5. After constructing the profile and adding key widths to our portraits, we will begin building up the flesh, reviewing the centerline, outlining our compositions, and practicing note-taking in sculpture.

5. When all the features and key boney points have been set, we will begin to make decisions about the finished texture and composition of the sculpture.

Each class is 3 hours : 10am-1pm

Saturday and Sundays

August 28 and 29
   (skip Labor Day)
September 11 and 12
September 18 and 19
September 25 and 26

Fee: $550 + $50 for all materials
Class size limited to 8

To learn more and enroll:

General Website:

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