ND Trivette Photography

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“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” ~ Confucius

The goal of my photography is to give people images to meditate on, to clear their minds from all the noise that goes on around us, near & far.

Since 2008 I have shooting primarily images that lean towards a minimalist aesthetic, which at first I didn't fully understand why I was doing. I can probably attribute some of it to the financial crisis the US was deep in the beginning stages of. Stress was higher than I'd ever seen in my lifetime, blame was laid everywhere, nobody was accepting responsibility, and solutions were largely absent.

Anytime I start to let the issues of the day overtake my thought process, whether global issues or local to myself, I found that if I get away from it all, deep into non-populated areas, closer to nature, those thoughts begin to quiet and eventually vanish.

As an extension of that I hope that my artwork can be that escape when you can't get in your car and drive 3 hours away from it all.

“Make things as simple as possible but no simpler.” ~ Albert Einstein