Jennifer Chilstrom

(612) 867-7588

Jen Chilstrom wanders natural and metaphysical realms in her life and artwork, collecting objects and subjects along the way. Her painting, fiber art, and textile design often intersect in the gathering process where natural pigments, dyes, and curiosities are discovered and experimented with. She loves to laugh and strives to uncover secret messages in her photography. Jen actively and collaboratively organizes art events and curates exhibitions. She teaches art in the community and is available for workshops, private lessons, and custom fashion.

Jen Chilstrom began designing clothing as a form of protest during the post-grunge upcycle rebellion in the pacific northwest. “It was then I knew the crazy garments I was creating (from trash) were not just novelty statements but a part of something, a movement.” Since then, each of her garments have been made from preconsumer waste materials or sustainable organic fabrics. The collections are limited edition, produced on an extremely small scale, and feature one-of-a-kind elements of her visual art.