Holiday Saturdays 2017

The Northrup King Building will be open Saturdays in November and December, including Small Business Saturday on Nov 25.

Small Business Saturday hours: Noon – 5:00 pm
All other Saturday hours: Noon – 4:00 pm

The studios that are open may be different each Saturday. Check back here for a current list of studios that will be open.

On November 25, the following studios will be open:

  Name Medium Studio Website
Marion Angelica photo Angelica, Marion Clay 173
Anjee Mai Creations photo Anjee Mai Creations Clay 151
ArtAndes photo ArtAndes Fiber 285
Mary Bacon photo Bacon, Mary Painting 173
Sandy Baron photo Baron, Sandy Fiber 191
Moira Bateman photo Bateman, Moira Mixed Media 173
Linda Ricklefs Baudry photo Baudry, Linda Ricklefs Painting 139
Loretta Bebeau photo Bebeau, Loretta Drawing 343
Megan Bell photo Bell, Megan Painting 274
Michael Bellotti photo Bellotti, Michael Painting 385
Brian Billadeau Arts photo Billadeau, Brian Photography 435
Teri Bloch photo Bloch, Teri Painting 373
Blue Sky Galleries photo Blue Sky Galleries Furniture 295
Karla Rae Designs photo Bradley, Karla Painting 269
no image available Brusegaard, Michelle None 246
Kim Buell photo Buell, Kim Jewelry 155
Stephen Capiz photo Capiz, Stephen Painting 371
Linda Clayton photo Clayton, Linda Painting 390
Marc Clements photo Clements, Marc Sculpture 166
Michele Combs photo Combs, Michele Painting 391
Rita Beyer Corrigan photo Corrigan, Rita Beyer Painting 392
Jack Dale photo Dale, Jack Painting 189
Kate Daly photo Daly, Kate Clay 414
Danish Teak Classics photo Danish Teak Classics Furniture 277
Calvin deRuyter photo deRuyter, Calvin Painting 321
Tom Dimock photo Dimock, Tom Painting 183
Rita Dungey photo Dungey, Rita Painting 270
Shoshana Englard photo Englard, Shoshana Glass 270
Leni Erickson photo Erickson, Leni Jewelry 171
Bridget Faricy photo Faricy, Bridget Mixed Media 207
Lisa Fertig photo Fertig, Lisa Painting 321
Cynthia Fleury photo Fleury, Cynthia Photography 435
BMF Jewelry photo Foster, Brittany Jewelry 173
Kristine Fretheim photo Fretheim, Kristine Painting 393
Geeky Monkey Photography photo Geeky Monkey Photography Photography 155
Jesse Gerhard photo Gerhard, Jesse Mixed Media 213
Goldenflow Studios photo Goldenflow Studios Glass 157
Darrell Hagan photo Hagan, Darrell Painting 427
Peggy Hall photo Hall, Peggy Painting 167
Carole Hallman photo Hallman, Carole Fiber 143
Christina Hankins photo Hankins, Christina Drawing 317
Beth Hansen / Gemetalle photo Hansen, Beth Jewelry 462
Patty Healy photo Healy, Patty Painting 321
Kristine Hites photo Hites, Kristine Clay 423
Icebox Quality Framing & Gallery photo Icebox Quality Framing & Gallery Photography 443
INDIGO photo INDIGO Furniture 312
Robert Jackson photo Jackson, Robert Painting 400-1
Emily Johnson photo Johnson, Emily Jewelry 254
Mark Karney photo Karney, Mark None 435
Cynthia Kath photo Kath, Cynthia Painting 366
Eric Ketelsen photo Ketelsen, Eric Painting 391
Joan Kloiber photo Kloiber, Joan Fiber 155
Kolman & Pryor Gallery photo Kolman & Pryor Gallery Multi-Media 395
K. Daphnae Koop photo Koop, K. Daphnae Mixed Media 166
Kathleen Krishnan photo Krishnan, Kathleen Painting 173
Lady Rock Studio photo Lady Rock Studio Mixed Media 406
Greg Lecker photo Lecker, Greg Painting 183
Larissa Loden photo Loden, Larissa Jewelry 265
Mary Longley photo Longley, Mary Painting 141
Lundeen photo Lundeen Jewelry 258
Matthew Madson photo Madson, Matthew Painting 377
Ann Magnusson photo Magnusson, Ann Painting 167
Jerry Majkrzak photo Majkrzak, Jerry Painting 391
Kelly Marshall photo Marshall, Kelly Textiles 386
Susan McLean-Keeney photo McLean-Keeney, Susan Painting 183 McLean-Keeney
Mary Meuwissen photo Meuwissen, Mary Painting 391
Kathy Mommsen photo Mommsen, Kathy Clay Dock 3
Marjorie Moody photo Moody, Marjorie Painting 392
Mary Ann Morgan photo Morgan, Mary Ann Painting 183
Nickyworks Studio photo Nickyworks Studio Painting 203
Chris Nystrom photo Nystrom, Chris Painting 173/359
John A. Olson photo Olson, John A. Photography 435
Gwen Partin photo Partin, Gwen Printmaking 447
Mary Pettis photo Pettis, Mary Painting 366
Bob Pollard photo Pollard, Bob Painting 425
Alison Price photo Price, Alison Painting 171
Cory Rasmussen photo Rasmussen, Cory Painting 406
Joseph Reinke photo Reinke, Joseph Painting 183
Ingrid Restemayer photo Restemayer, Ingrid Mixed Media 401B
Roxanne Richards photo Richards, Roxanne Painting 139
Laurie Salmela photo Salmela, Laurie Painting 425
Rita Schaefer-Seaton photo Schaefer-Seaton, Rita Painting 191
James Scherbarth photo Scherbarth, James Edward Painting 339
Lynnea Schwieters photo Schwieters, Lynnea Clay 170/Dock 3
James Shoop photo Shoop, James Sculpture 366
Tony Small photo Small, Tony Photography 214 .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Solid Design Studios photo Solid Design Studios Jewelry 173
Jeana Sommers photo Sommers, Jeana Mixed Media 442
Peter Stohl photo Stohl, Peter Drawing 214
Solvei Stohl photo Stohl, Solvei Photography 214
Strey Designs photo Strey Designs Fiber 211
Strey Designs photo Strey Designs Fiber 211
no image available Studio Pintura None 293 / 350
StylArena photo StylArena Other 207
Susan Fryer Voigt photo Susan Fryer Voigt Studio/Gallery Painting Dock 5
The Winegar Works photo The Winegar Works Fiber 269
Debra Thornton photo Thornton, Debra Painting 321
no image available Tietz, Heather Rae None 170/ Clay@3
Heather Tinkham photo Tinkham, Heather Mixed Media 155
Drew Trampe photo Trampe, Drew Photography 347
Holly Trampe photo Trampe, Holly Painting 347
Mel Tudisco photo Tudisco, Mel Mixed Media 383
Melody Villars photo Villars, Melody Sculpture 173
Mary Welke photo Welke, Mary Painting 173
Emmy White photo White, Emmy Painting 321
Sally Wightkin photo Wightkin, Sally Mixed Media 143
Dominique Winders photo Winders, Dominique Sculpture 173
David Woessner photo Woessner, David Photography 165
Sam Wolfson photo Wolfson, Sam Mixed Media 309
James Wrayge photo Wrayge, James Painting 377
Nanci Yermakoff photo Yermakoff, Nanci Painting 444
Your Yoga Northeast photo Your Yoga Northeast Other 206