Matthew Rucker

Primary Medium: Painting
Other Mediums: None

Started in October 2015, ‘The Real World’ is a series of minimalist hyperreal oil paintings that embrace simplicity, lightness and tranquility. Each of these paintings features a large area of negative space, in a gentle gradation of a soft pastel or tinted grey. This eliminates the noise of a background and instead creates a neutral setting for the painting’s subject.

These paintings are easy on both the eye and the mind, and they are also very personal to me. The singular subject in each painting is actually a portrait of someone I love.
The animal/subject is chosen before I choose the person it will represent – not the other way around. Once I’ve sketched an image onto the canvas and my palette is prepared, I then decide ‘who’ the painting will be. Some are self-portraits, some depict my cat as something other than a cat, but most are portraits of close friends and family.

Once I choose someone (or a specific aspect of a person) I focus on that person and my feelings for them the entire time I put brush to canvas. This way, I am able to transfer my feelings towards that person onto the canvas, adding a significant amount of emotional and personal content to each painting.

Studio Number: 351

Open First Thursdays? Yes
Open for Art Attack? Yes
Open for Art-A-Whirl? Yes
Matthew Rucker photo