Judy Fawcett

Primary Medium: Painting
Other Mediums: Mixed Media

Painting is my way of playing as an adult. It’s also a spiritual act, opening my mind to what is possible.

I’m a painter who blurs the line between abstraction and realism. Sometimes I paint realistically and use a photo as a jumping off place. I’m drawn to scenes with strong light and shadow. I do some quick black and white sketches to find a good composition, then choose a palette that best represent my feelings about the scene.

When working more abstractly, I rely totally on imagination and intuition to direct the process. At the beginning I work spontaneously, let the paint or mark-making flow and try not to think. Eventually I slow down and think more. I paint, then eliminate, add and eliminate until the painting says to me that it’s complete.

Often my work is a combination of some realism within an abstract composition.

Studio Number: 184/ Dock 5
Phone: (651) 731-2972

Open First Thursdays? Yes
Open for Art Attack? Yes
Open for Art-A-Whirl? Yes
Hours: By Appointment
Judy Fawcett photo