John A. Hasseler

Primary Medium: Jewelry
Other Mediums: None

An attention to detail, a love of color and the feel of texture. For those familiar with the jewelry design of John A. Hasseler this is instantly recognizable in his work. John’s unique jewelry designs offer the wearer a way to express themselves as individuals in a mass produced world.

In the 30 years that John has been a goldsmith, silversmith and designer of wearable jewelry art, he has had the pleasure to have designed pieces for clientele from across the globe. Including Queen Nor of Jordan and King Abdullah bin Abdulaz of The United Arab Emirates. In 2009 John created “Cathedra de Luna” ( Chair of the Moon Goddess ) Made of sterling silver & 14 karat rose gold and adorned with diamonds, pearls, garnets and carved moonstone. The piece was donated by John and auctioned at the “Chair Affair” charity auction with the proceeds going to the “Boys and Girls Club” of Rochester, Minnesota.

Studio Number: 173
Phone: (507) 251-2548

Open First Thursdays? Yes
Open for Art Attack? Yes
Open for Art-A-Whirl? Yes
Hours: Friday, Noon - 4:00 PM and Saturday, Noon - 4:00 PM Sunday, Noon - 4PM
John A. Hasseler photo