JoAnne Middaugh

Primary Medium: Painting
Other Mediums: None

JoAnne Middaugh’s artistic goal is to create a work of art that is visually pleasing to the eye, using color, texture, layering, blending and composition. Her intention is to draw the viewer into the painting, inviting them in to explore, linger and hopefully, to find something meaningful.

Relying on her years spent working as a Clinical Social Worker, JoAnne brings her innate intuitive sense to her creations with the intention of appealing to the viewer’s emotions. Working primarily in oil/cold wax, pastels and watercolors painting abstract landscapes and non-representational works, her work often includes a water element. JoAnne has always been fascinated by the natural world, especially the sounds, smells and movement of water. Water is life, a symbol of creation, mystery, renewal, transformation, nurturing, cleansing, and healing. Combining her intuitive skills with her art practice is her challenge as well as her passion.

JoAnne has exhibited in group shows in the Twin Cities and is a participating member of several local arts groups.
Phone: (612) 239-5857

Studio Number: Dock 5/184
Phone: (612) 239-5857

Open First Thursdays? Yes
Open for Art Attack? Yes
Open for Art-A-Whirl? Yes
Hours: Saturdays Noon - 4:00 pm and by appointment
JoAnne Middaugh photo