Holly Vanasse

Primary Medium: Painting
Other Mediums: None

From galloping race horses across the USA, to teaching people how to create harmony and safety with their horse, to boarding horses, to now sharing my work as a horse artist… The common thread is the horse, and my vision has always been about trying to connect and communicate deeply with them. There is a certain, elusive feeling that you get when you connect with a horse. It is magical and addicting. I have dedicated my life to seeking this feeling with my own horses and sharing what I have learned with others. To me, my paintings are just another way to do that.

Some of the words and phrases that others have used to describe my equine paintings include:

Beautiful energy
Very deeply felt
“Respectful homage to the soul of Horse”

My intention is to create images that uplift the people who look at them, add more beauty to their world, and increase the connection they have with their own horse or with Horse, the archetype.

I create my paintings by starting with a colorful background and then incorporating the horse into the background. This creates a whimsical, fantasy effect that is an intuitive puzzle I work out as I create my artwork.

Studio Number: 222
Phone: (715) 495-2227

Open First Thursdays? Yes
Open for Art Attack? Yes
Open for Art-A-Whirl? Yes
Holly Vanasse photo