Nature Off the Script:  A Drawing & Watercolor Workshop

Nature Off the Script: A Drawing & Watercolor Workshop with Terri Myers Wentzka

Friday, Saturday & Sunday
October 21 – 23, 2016
9:30 – 4:30

Location: Studio 300, Northrup King Building, 1500 Jackson St. N.E., Minneapolis, MN

Early registration special! Register by September 15th for only $300.
Last day to reserve your spot is October 7th.

Learn to paint the natural world with confidence. Are you a watercolor artist who needs new inspiration? Maybe you’re feeling stuck and don’t know how to take your skills and vision to the next level, or perhaps you’ve been afraid to try a new approach. This workshop is designed especially for you!

Beginning with drawing and moving on to watercolor, you’ll work on depicting the natural objects you love: plants, flowers, feathers, stones, shells. You’ll explore, play and experiment as we work to conquer three of the biggest problems watercolor painters face: compelling composition, beautiful detail, and strong, eye-catching values. Our time together will be relaxing, fun, and designed to push limits and advance your progress as an artist. We’ll approach nature painting as art first, freeing you from preconceived notions about how to paint the natural world. Painters with any level of watercolor experience are welcome, however this class will not cover beginning technique.

Reserve your spot now!
To register, or for more information, contact Terri at:

Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Private Tutoring & Custom Workshops
Would love to take this class but the dates don’t work for you? Private tutoring is available, or I can arrange a special workshop for you and two of your friends at your convenience. Contact me for more information.

Watercolor Loose & Free

Come and explore the wonder of watercolor by learning the fundamentals and techniques of this exciting medium. Basic class lessons will help students feel comfortable as the discover their journey using watercolors.
Questions or to sign up please email me at

Thursday, March 17, 2016 10am – 1pm
Thursday, April 7, 2016 10am – 1pm
Thursday, May 12, 2016 10am -1pm

Lisa Fertig
Studio #321

Drawing and Painting Classes With Louise

Louise Gillis is teaching in Gallery 389 on Monday mornings 9:30-12:30 and Saturday afternoons 12:30-3:30

Louise is a classically trained artist with over 25 years of teaching experience in drawing and painting in all mediums. This class accommodates all levels of skill and experience. Learn the fundamentals – good draftsmanship, color, mixing of colors, value and design. Choose your medium – graphite, watercolor or oil. Lots of individual attention in a warm inviting creative atmosphere!

Check out her web site at:

Any questions or to sign up:

Art Immersion Classes: Susan Fryer Voigt Studio


During class: Work at your own pace on your own projects. Use Watercolor, Acrylic, Pastels, Casein, Ink, Oil (water-miscible or odorless solvents). Instructor assistance and demos provided. Learn more about: color, line, values, products, perspective, composition, design & lots of techniques! The fee is $30 per session. Come for one or both the same day.

December Sessions:
Monday, December 29, 10-1 PM Wednesday, December 31: 10-1 PM
Saturday, December 27: 9-12 Noon and/or 1-4 PM

January Sessions:
Mondays, January 12 & January 26: 10-1 PM
Wednesdays, January 14 & January 28: 11-2 PM

Please email Susan to register or call 651-353-5045. Small Classes – Maximum 6 participants. PLEASE LET HER KNOW YOU ARE COMING.

In Michele’s Studio - Landscape Painting

Michele will share the lessons she has learned during her artistic development through painting exercises and discussions. You will explore your personal vision, in your art while building practical painting skills. The elements that make a painting (line, shape, color, value, edge, and texture) are constant. Deepening your understanding of these will increase your ability to build stronger paintings. Michele will help you learn and expand your knowledge to become a successful landscape painter.

Bring pictures of scenes you would like to turn into a painting to the first class or a small prochade (painting) you would like to turn into a larger painting. You will begin by exploring and establishing good composition. Through the use of pencil sketches, a black and white value study, and a color study you will establish a plan to create your painting. Michele will provide examples, demos, and individual help.

Increasing your artistic growth is always Michele’s goal, regardless of how long you have been painting.

*Winter Session – Saturdays, 10 – 1 pm *
January 23
February 6
March 19

Cost: 90.00

Place: studio #391 *Please contact Michele to register or if you have questions. *

Layers 3 Day Oil & Cold Wax Workshop

Layers 3 Day Oil & Cold Wax Workshop – exploring abstract painting with oil paints and cold wax medium with James Edward Scherbarth.

In this 3 day workshop participants will learn the process of building abstractions by means of layering and utilizing cold wax medium, tube oils, pigment sticks, powdered pigments and a variety of implements. Students will explore new ways to create textures, color fields and mark making. Utilizing various tools and techniques we will “push the limits” of our mediums and welcome the surprises along the way deciding what works and what does not. This workshop is well suited for those who have had some prior painting experience and who enjoy the sharing, flexibility & happenstance of a group environment! The workshop focuses on the process itself – on the possibilities of that process and how it can be incorporated in your individual artistic practice.
Once comfortable with the basic techniques we start to look at form and content, deliberate and accidental mark making, starting points, titling of work, working in series all within the discussion of process/passion/purpose. Technique demonstrations combined with student experimentation, group discussions and printed resources makes this a liberating experience which will enhance your appreciation for the content and meaning within abstraction.

Weekend Workshops held on Friday – Saturday – Sunday in Layers Art Studio 339, 1500 Jackson Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413

See website: for Current Workshop Schedule & Information on Individual/One Day Sessions

Additional Information/Registration contact Jim: email – .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) tel. 952-210-6031

Oil Painting Basics - Workshops with Michele Combs

If you always wanted to paint but didn’t know where to start this class is for you. You will explore paint application, composition, values, and color through a series of exercises. Michele will help you understand the basics of picture making. Then she will guide you through steps to paint your own landscape. A supply list will be provided upon registration.

Location: Studio 391
To be scheduled – check website for dates and times in 2015 at (classes are to be scheduled this coming fall)
Contact: Michele Combs at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call (763) 442-0290

Art Immersion Sessions with Susan Fryer Voigt

Everyone will work on their own project with assistance from Susan.Susan will assist you in your artistic journey from concept through completion. She will help with:
o Your goal (perhaps it is to paint the inside of a flower similar to what Georgia O’Keeffe painted)
o In determining the medium, surface and tools that will work the best
o By providing demos, books, articles, links on the internet and critiques
o Options for how best to present your finished piece.

Requirements for Participation:
o Can join the immersion sessions at any time
o Participants who have never attended class are requested to meet with Susan for a one-hour private session ($45) prior to joining class
o No experience necessary
o Let Susan know you will be attending a session (limited to six participants)
o Attend as many sessions as you would like
o Determine what you want to paint or draw
o Compile inspiration materials: photos, clippings, websites, …..
o Bring any supplies you might want to use or purchase @ Susan’s Art Supply Store
o Make a commitment to your project

June Sessions:
Mondays, June 1, 15 & 29: 10-1 PM
Wednesdays, June 3, 17 & July 1: 11-1 PM
Saturdays, June 6, June 13, June 20 & June 27 : 9-12 Noon and/or 1-4 PM
Saturday Art Immersion has been incorporated into Saturday workshop
Classroom seats are reserved for AI painters. 9-12 and or 1-4 PM

Location: Susan Fryer Voigt Gallery – Dock 5/Studio 184
Price: Price per three-hour group session: $30
Contact: Susan Fryer Voigt at (651) 353-5045

The Jeweled Mosaic Ornament—A NEW ON-LINE CLASS

For The Jeweled Mosaic Ornament Class, instructor Sharra Frank literally records herself, step by step, as she made two ornaments. Then she went back and voiced over exactly what she was doing, what tools she was using, what materials she’s using, and why. Sharra went step by step from preparing her base to designing her ornaments, adding tesserae, grouting and finishing each piece.

The on-line class is designed just like her studio classes. It’s a two to three day project. The video also gives you new tools, techniques and skills that you can apply to any mosaic project you might be inspired to try. And since it’s an online course you can access these materials again and again. Try different styles, designs and techniques with each new piece. Quite a few of the things that Sharra is going to show you in this class are what she considers to be true “trade secrets” including what adhesive she uses for three-dimensional surfaces to prevent tesserae from sliding, beading techniques that I incorporated in these ornaments, and a whole lot more.
In fact, the course includes twelve separate short videos, each of which will give you ideas, materials, tools, tips, tricks and techniques to apply to your next mosaic project.

Here’s an outline of this course.
Video 1: Introduction: Tools & Materials, Mosaicking Your Piece, Grouting & Finishing Your Piece
Video 2: Ornament Base: Materials, shapes and sizes to use for your base
Video 3: Ornament Hanger: Adding a hanger to your base
Video 4: Tesserae: Materials to use on your ornament
Video 5: Adhesive: This is a real “secret” I’ve kept for the past ten years, the “secret adhesive” I use on three dimensional surfaces
Video 6: Applying Tesserae: How to mosaic your ornament
Video 7: Finishing Tesserae: How to add the finishing touches to your mosaic
Video 8: Introducing Grout: What you need to grout the right way
Video 9: Preparing to Grout: How to prepare to grout a delicate piece
Video 10: Grouting: How to grout your jeweled ornament
Video 11: Cleaning Your Grout: Revealing your true mosaic
Video 12: Finishing Polish: How to make your piece shine!

By registering for this class you’ll receive one year of unlimited access so you can watch it again and again and apply different tips, techniques and styles to each new piece. The regular price for this class will be $150 but Sharra is offering an introductory price of $99 if you register by January 1, 2013.

Register on-line at

Digital Photo Academy Classes

Digital Photo Academy is a year-round program offering Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced photography classes as well as Composition and Photoshop/NIK.

Instructor: Anthony (Tony) Schreck
Location: Studio 258
Dates and Times: Varies / year-round offerings
Cost: Varies depending on class
Register: Go to and click on Minneapolis

Woodworking and Upholstery Classes at Blue Sky Galleries

Numerous classes are available including classical carving basics, veneering, upholstery and hand cut dovetail joinery. Learn from these award winning instructors including Mark Laub, Tom Schrunk, Rose Liefeld Brennan, Frank Grant and Will Fifer. Register at All classes are held at Blue Sky Galleries, Studio 295 at the Northrup King Building.